The Connected Healthcare World Congress (CHealthWorld)



- September 2019



Reasons to Attend

Why should you attend?

  • DISCOVER how to stay relevant in the future of care delivery
  • FUTURE PROOF your business and ensure you remain agile in the digital health transformation
  • GAIN INSIGHT into unique pilot projects and clinical reviews on how to best translate big data into actionable and bespoke care delivery plans
  • UNDERSTAND the clinician perspective and objectives when incorporating new technologies within the practice
  • LEARN about patient engagement and the key drivers behind successful user adherence

What makes CHealthWorld so unique?

This event will focus on the practical use and efficient implementation of new technology and AI. It will present best practice and practical outcomes to future proofing delegates’ care provider business and remaining relevant in the future of care deliver.

  • The ONLY event to build its agenda through 6 months of painstaking primary research. This ensures our agenda is weighted precisely to the key challenges and future trends the industry is facing right now.
  • The ONLY event to truly focus on the patient and clinician/end user perspective.
  • The ONLY event that focuses on what actual works and not just what is technically achievable. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done!
  • The ONLY event to have no sales pitches in the agenda. Our event is full of the most progressive leadership-level practitioners, where their presentations are carefully vetted to focus on the how to, what to. Sales pitches are strictly forbidden.
  • The ONLY event to focus on applied big data analytics - how data can be translated into an actionable strategy.
  • The ONLY event to carefully vet our exhibitors and solution providers - we'll make sure the tech presented is fit-for-purpose, to be applied en-masse.