The Connected Healthcare World Congress (CHealthWorld)



- September 2019




About CHealthWorld

Remaining relevant in the future of care delivery

CHealthWorld presents a unique platform designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and practical executive learning around key technological advancements and innovation in health care, enabling attendees to prepare for the transformation and stay relevant in the future of care.

The event will address key questions such as:

  • How do we build health solutions that will deliver care effectively at scale?
  • How do we deliver more for less?
  • How do we translate big data into tailored care delivery plans for the individual?
  • How do we look after the clinical staff working with the new systems to deliver care?
  • How do we include the customer voice throughout the production cycle of new discoveries?
  • How do we innovate within the parameters of the law?
  • How do we increase transparency but secure and control distribution of sensitive information?
  • How will digital transformations shape the healthcare landscape?
  • What are the digital solutions that will take us to the next level of care deliver?

With new discoveries being continuously made in the field of genomics, precision medicine and personalization; consumer based technology solutions is putting the individual back in the driving seat in terms of their health and quality of life.

However, with so many stakeholders and different technologies to allow for efficient collection of data, the question of how to apply that data into tailored solutions for both customers and providers remains largely unresolved.

As healthcare shifts from volume to value, the ability to effectively determine the most efficient, cost effective and appropriate health plan for patients is now more important than ever before.

CHealthWorld offers executive leadership training, practical knowledge exchange and executive networking which both inspires leaders and creates significant business impact through open innovation and applied technology. Our event delivers a future-focused and unique platform based on the highest level of integrity – we cut through the noise and only showcase the science, technology, processes and individuals who have proven to generate real, patient-centric and cost-effective impact!

What's the Rationale for CHealthWorld?

Cost in care delivery is spiralling out of control! With the continuous rise of chronic illnesses combined with increasing life expectancy rates worldwide – hospitals, primary and elderly care is under unprecedented pressure to deliver better healthcare for less money than ever before.

The use of digital technologies, medical devices, wearables etc. has drastically improved the way we can:

  • Administer care remotely
  • Engage patients in their own care delivery plan
  • Use of big data analytics to better determine and develop personalised care delivery plans based on comparative data and genomics. 

A catalyst for innovation! 

At CHealthWorld we focus on the practical adoption of great innovation – connecting the best and the brightest across the full spectrum of the industry. We focus on technology not only proven to work BUT also proven to generate real impact at scale!

At CHealthWorld the most pioneering start-ups, developers, largest companies and investors come together with most forward-thinking minds in care delivery to learn about latest technologies, collaborate with peers, and gain competitive advantage. 

Who will be attending

  • CIOs, CTOs, COOs, CFOs, CIMOs, Chief Information & Innovation Officers, Chief Investment Officers
  • Heads of / SVP & VP IT Innovation, Healthcare Innovation, E-Health Innovation, Healthcare Technology
  • Start Ups, Developers, Entrepreneurs 
  • Heads of / SVP & VP Customer Experience, Patient Care, Performance Improvement, Operational Excellence
  • SVP & VP Digital Strategies, Informatics, Clinical Development, Investment & Strategy, Healthcare Integration
  • Directors of Information, Clinical Informatics, Special Programs, IT Innovation, Provider Relations, Strategic Partnerships, Innovation & Strategy, Operations, External Affairs
  • Leading Consultants, Solution Providers & Vendors
  • Press, Media, Think Tanks

From the Following Industry Sectors

  • Digital Health Technology
  • Health Technology
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Medical Devices
  • VC, Incubators and Accelerators
  • Digital Health IoT
  • Health Insurance

What makes CHealthWorld so unique?

This event will focus on the practical use and efficient implementation of new technology and AI. It will present best practice and practical outcomes to future proofing delegates’ care provider business and remaining relevant in the future of care deliver.

  • The ONLY event to build its agenda through 6 months of painstaking primary research. This ensures our agenda is weighted precisely to the key challenges and future trends the industry is facing right now.
  • The ONLY event to truly focus on the patient and clinician/end user perspective.
  • The ONLY event that focuses on what actual works and not just what is technically achievable. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done!
  • The ONLY event to have no sales pitches in the agenda. Our event is full of the most progressive leadership-level practitioners, where their presentations are carefully vetted to focus on the how to, what to. Sales pitches are strictly forbidden.
  • The ONLY event to focus on applied big data analytics - how data can be translated into an actionable strategy.
  • The ONLY event to carefully vet our exhibitors and solution providers - we'll make sure the tech presented is fit-for-purpose, to be applied en-masse.

Why should you attend?

  • DISCOVER how to stay relevant in the future of care delivery
  • FUTURE PROOF your business and ensure you remain agile in the digital health transformation
  • GAIN INSIGHT into unique pilot projects and clinical reviews on how to best translate big data into actionable and bespoke care delivery plans
  • UNDERSTAND the clinician perspective and objectives when incorporating new technologies within the practice
  • LEARN about patient engagement and the key drivers behind successful user adherence

Key Themes

“Our goal is to create a platform for knowledge exchange which focuses on the technologies, systems and people who have proven to deliver real impact in healthcare and peoples lives”

Inspiring Content – Pioneering Case Studies – Transformative Solutions               

  • 100+ Speakers
  • 10+ Keynotes
  • 10 Tracks
  • 5 Full Day Workshops
  • 75 Sessions
  • 11 Keynote Panel Discussions


Key themes include:

  • Leadership & Innovation Culture
  • Customer Experience
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Applied Big Data Analytics
  • Genomics, Personalization and Precision Medicine
  • The Future of the Hospital
  • True Home Monitoring
  • Wearables, Sensors & Trackers
  • Cyber Security: Your practical blue print for pro-active prevention
  • Diagnostics



  • Executive Leadership
  • Open Platforms & API
  • Applied Behavioural Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The Global Market


What's different about CHealthWorld?

This event is created through extensive primary research with leadership-level executives in the key industry segments across the entire eco-system, to identify the key future trends, the need-to-know pressing challenges where are strong pressures to get things done, and the industry thought leaders that have addressed these issues. 

Through our extensive research analysis, we identify the key themes, and the respective topics are then carefully weighted based on what the majority on the industry needs to solve, that has the biggest impact on the top-line and bottom line. You won’t find these precise considerations in any other agenda.

Our agenda creation comes first, so we know the event agenda is aligned with the need-to-know industries themes that have the biggest impact on our target audience.

Not only will you hear exceptional, how-to content, delivered by the industries top leaders, innovators, legends and key players, you are also coming to an event that is designed to be the most engaging event in the industry, creating more opportunities for meaningful conversations with your peers, and forging even greater relationships with your industry friends.

The Most Engaging Event

  • More lavish gala receptions - bubbly anyone?
  • More boardroom meetings, roundtable sessions, and interactive presentation formats.
  • More informal networking opportunities and breaks due to shorter presentation formats
  • More upscale food service, Hot Full Service Breakfasts, Delicious Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon Breaks, Sit Down Full Service Plated Lunches (Filet Mignon anyone?).
  • Networking App - Best in class, easy to use, networking tool to arrange meetings, both prior, during and post event. 

6 Reasons to join us in Boston

  • Find out how to stay relevant in the future of care delivery
  • Future proof your business and ensure you remain agile in the digital health transformation
  • Learn about the latest technologies that will transform your organisation!
  • Gain insight into unique pilot projects and clinical reviews on how to best translate big data into actionable and bespoke care delivery plans
  • Understand the clinician perspective and objectives when incorporating new technologies within the practice
  • Learn about patient engagement and the key drivers behind successful user adherence